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Monitoring for some bulgarian sites.

Humor list archives

UniBG q: lines,etc (md5 sum)

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Hosted data at ludost.net

A book on .NET in bulgarian by Svetlin Nakov and others

Video recordings of Lawrence "Larry" Lessig's lectures in Sofia, May 2005

Video recording of RMS's speech at WebTech 2005

Recordings of the lectures from WhatTheHack-2004

Some lectures from WebTech 2005

Recordings from LUG-BG Seminar - 2005

Recordings from LUG-BG Seminar - 2001

Recordings from LUG-BG Seminar - 2002

Recordings from LUG-BG Seminar - 2003

Recordings from LUG-BG Seminar - 2004

Some recordings of RMS' speeches

Larry Maloney's talk at initLab, 2012

A somewhat outdated list of bulgarian F(L)OSS projects

Some cyrilic fonts from Valeri Dachev

Virtual hosting module for AOLServer, by Boris Georgiev

The TAO of programming

The Nettiquette

External projects in ludost.net:

sf.ludost.net - Science fiction in Bulgarian

sentagris.ludost.net - EXo's home page

tf.ludost.net - TerraFantastica magazine

phoebe.ludost.net - Phoebe.ludost.net, anime storage (bg IP space only)

External links:

W.Richard Stevens' home page (Rest in peace)


The Open Group, UNIX standartisation

Kernel Traffic

Free Software Association - Bulgaria

Blog aggregator for some bulgarian blogs

Network Security course at Sofia University , Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics

Information SECurity Association